Symposium on the role of in-laws in Mishaum

August 14, 2004
Mishaum Point Yacht Club

Final Program

Saturday, August 14

7:45 a.m. Registration and continental breakfast

8:00 Welcoming Remarks, Christy Pennoyer

8:30 Symposium Overview, Dick Perkins, President Mishaum Point

8:45 Session 1: The Role, Value, and Limits of Marrying into a Mishaum family

Discussion Framework, Dr. Seth Lederman, National In-Law Council

Break out Sessions

9:10 —Baba’s affection how and when to get it, Maja Parker will discuss how many Parker in-laws feel Baba’s attention does not uniformly coat spouses of Parker children—and what to do about it!

9:30 —The Magic of Frankie’s twinkle, Lloyd Fales will lead a demonstration on how to look and act like Frankie Parker.

10:15 BREAK

10:35 —The difficult brother in-law, Phil Douglas talks about his first-hand experience entering Mishaum many years ago, and how he managed eccentricities far greater than he ever expected. Also discussed: What to do when your brother in-law pinches your personal belongings from Mishaum and they end up on EBay.

11:30 Networking session

12:00 LUNCH

1:00 --Keynote Speaker.  Jon Flint will lead a discussion on how all of us can bring the power of Gaga back into our lives.  From swimming at her rock to the many tales of Christmas dinners. Flint will focus on one of Mishaum’s greatest people, and how it is important for in-laws to not lose sight of what Gaga means to everyone on Mishaum regardless of whether they ever got to meet her or not, or whether their spouse looks good in an old grandchild pictures. Flint will sign copies of his new book, “By the Grace of Gaga” in the lobby after the talk.

2:30 Coffee Break

3:00--Walking the Vortex unscathed.  Katie Pennoyer advises how to manage the problems of sharing a house and everything else you can imagine while avoiding difficult situation after difficult situation.  Also, what to do when you sister-in-law tries to recycle your diet coke can before you are finished drinking.

 Vortex Panelists: Helen Pennoyer, John Auchincloss, Emily Lodge Pingeon and Kate Pingeon answer questions about how they handle being an in-law--from very different perspectives.

3:45—Marrying off your daughters:  Rusty Shapleigh talks about how to handle smoothly the transition from father to father-in-law, and finally to grandfather.

4:00—Closing Remarks:  Jon Flint ends the seminar with a final word on the importance of the Mishaum family, and why giving up one’s own family in favor of your Mishaum spouse is the only way to go.