"I've Got You Under MY Skin"*
                        Mishaum Point

                        The sea, the stones,the
                        shining bushes unsalted by a rain
                        propagate this spinelike land,
                        master of the ocean skies.
                        A deep, summer blue that lights,
                        warms, but doesn't bake rolling
                        in the fog which has the aspect of
                        a ghost then evaporates.  The
                        sun bounces on the horizon until
                        it sinks leaving seashore colors:
                        Yellow, blue, crimson, red.
                        Night falls…overhead the stars
                        so near, so many, turn this magic
                        point into a shadow.  Meeting
                        the stars with outstretched hand,
                        touching, who know, captured
                        by the native essence of a child.
                        It is neat and clear so small
                        in scope.  The dream ends.
                        A child's transparency.

                          *From Cole Porter.

                                                        Victoria Parsons Pennoyer