First Annual Mishaum Kennel Club

Isaac S. Lederman, Master of Ceremonies

Category Prize Dog Handler Owner (if different) Breed
<25 lbs.          
Appearance Teddy Peter Pennoyer   Long-haired Dachsund
Skill Lucy John Parker   Cairn Terrier
Charm Penny Jewelle Bickford   Shiz Tzu
>25 lbs.          
Appearance Tiger Jane Scott   Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Charm Louis Edie Kean   English Cocker Spaniel
Skills Daisy Phil Douglas   Mixed-breed
Playfulness Teddy Joan Austin   Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Intelligence Jenny Alden Perkins   Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Obedience Ramsay McD. Molly Greathead   Scottish Terrier
>50 lbs. Skills Reggie Sarah Lederman   Labrador Retriever
Charm Milo Molly Barrows   Labrador Retriever
Appearance Tucker Rebecca and Charlotte Flint Golden Retriever
Obedience Rufus Sarah Flint   Golden Retriever
Intelligence Alexandra Tom Parker   Pure-Bred Mutt
Playfulness Sparky Holly French Vickie Tabor Austrailian Shepherd
Humor Polly Marky Shapleigh Zach LeClair Polyester