Mishaum Recycling Policies

Mishaum Recycling Summer 2003

Please bring your recyclables to the bins on the far side of the Point South shed. The town of Dartmouth recycles the following items Please read this carefully as there are some changes from last year: 



        Flattened corrugated cardboard (brown cardboard boxes - none larger than 2 by 3).

        Phone books

        Flattened paperboard (gray cardboard such as cereal, cracker, and pasta boxes)

        Brown Paper bags

No junk mail, magazines, or soiled food boxes such as pizza boxes. 

Please pack all the above items in brown paper bags (not plastic!) or tie up in stacks with string. Flattened boxes can be packed with paper.  Do not throw loose into bin.

 2. GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS, colored and clear. Please rinse and remove and discard lids . No broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pottery.

 3. METAL FOOD AND BEVERAGE CANS    Tin can food containers such as soup, tuna etc. Also deposit soda cans. Please rinse cans (such as dog food cans) carefully.

 4. PLASTIC NUMBERS 1 AND 2 such as milk, orange juice, and laundry soap containers. Remove and discard lids. Flatten by stepping on them to make more room in bin.

Please follow the signs posted by bins at Point South shed to make it easier for Scott and Brad. Call Point South (994-5829) or Christy Pennoyer (994-5619) with questions.




Supporting Biodiversity

Chemicals to get rid of lawn weeds