2003 Tournament Rules Past Winners

The 2003 KK Barrows Tennis Tournament was held on the weekend of August 16.

Rod Laver at the MPYC

     Chris Evart at the Parker's court


2003 Tournament Rules
1. Players will sign up as individually.  The tournament directors will assign you a partner.

2. All matches will be 8-game pro sets; the first team to win 8 games ( you don't have to win by two games). The finals will be 2 out of 3 sets.

3. All teams should bring a new can of balls. The winners of the of the match will take the unopened can.

4. Warm-ups will be short- 15 minutes or less.

5. NO LAST MINUTE CHANGES! If you sign up for the tournament, you are obligated to play.  You may find someone to take your place if you can't play, but don't ask the tournament director to find your replacement. Any person who signs up, but doesn't play or find a replacement will become the tournament director for 2004.

6. This year's director is Kate Pingeon.

Past Winners

2003 Sarah Lederman and Richie Perkins
2002 Dana and Simmy Martin
2001 Kate Pingeon and Gene Whitman