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Lots more pictures below...

Jennifer in Ireland

Charlotte and Jasper July 2002

Wil Merck July 2002

Papa and Winston


John Parker, Tommy Parker and Charlotte Price in the bath.

Cuttyhunk Camping trip December 1986

Frannie and George Mullin

Harvey and Dana

Jimmy and Jackie at Alice's wedding

James Pingeon

Annual Flank Steak Dinner at the Gray House


George and Bobby

Papa and Clara have a smoke together

The Wolf Cubs


Mr. and Mrs. Le Pen at the Red House Beach

Playing hockey on Padanarum Harbor in 1981

1981 Padanarum Harbor

Ernest Shackleton leads a game of hockey while Endurance rests in the ice

Garrison's Beach ice bridge over the creek 1981

Chloe Pingeon standing in the hand

Carriage ride - Naushon 2001                                                 

Elizabeth, Phillip and Polly - Naushon 2001

Sarah and Jess Kerr - Naushon 2001

Jon Flint circa 1940

Baba, Vicky and Uncle Bobby- Mendham