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Vicky Pennoyer's Poem about Mishaum: Click here to read it.

Winston and James Pingeon announce their school campaign website:

The new gate is up and running. You can even buy a remote control so you don't have open your window and punch in the code. It works like a garage door opener.

Yacht Club dock gets trashed in the April Nor'easter as massive waves crash in from the East.



Trash Bash to be held August 12th 2006. Click here for details.

Beetle Cats Alert
Racing season starts August 5th at 10:00 AM

Lice Alert!
June 9, 2006
Elizabeth Graver Pingeon has lice! Jimmy Pingeon suspected as the carrier!  Approach with caution.

Shapleighs add to the clan!
Rush Sloane McIlvaine (Sloane) - April 30 - 8lbs. 7 oz. - to Kelly and Reed - they now reside in Bedford, NY.
April 30, 2006

Gaga's House in West Orange is for sale. Click here to see the listing
May 3, 2006

News Flash! Mishaum Houses Robbed Again!
April 12, 2006
Mishaum's winter of discontent. Robbers come back for more....last night the lock on the post for the electric gate was chiseled off and the gate broken through yet again.  A number of houses were broken into, including Douglas, French, Frisbee, Sarah Perkins, Price, both Pingeon houses, Scott and Swift.  It appears that the vandals were able to pick locks, as a number of houses had open or unlocked doors without evidence of a break in.  It also does not appear that anything was stolen, other than some lawn mowers from the Frisbee's, which Point South believes occurred before last night.  According to sources, Jordan construction workers are considered prime suspects.

April 10, 2006
After a long stint on the waiting list, Nicholas and Simon Kean have been accepted to attend Camp Lanakila this summer.

April 9. 2006
The Howland Family is selling the Concordia Boat land they have historically owned on Padanaram harbor. The property may be turned into a mid-rise apartment complex.  If you have any interest in opposing this development,  call the Novick Law Offices at  508-997-4571.

April 3, 2006
Ned Vizzini, Mishaum's youngest and most prolific writer releases, "It's Kind of a Funny Story" to rave reviews.  Run do not walk to your nearest bookstore to buy a copy  before they are all gone.  Alternatively, may still have a few left, but be very quick if you want one.  Ned is an incredible writer and Mishaum is lucky to have him. You may now go and buy the book.

March 23, 2006
Jill French and Kate Pingeon run into each other at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda, BVI while on sailing trips with their families  (other Mishaum wives yet to comment).

March  2006
An undisclosed Mishaum resident has been turned down for executive-level employment after a routine "Googling" of the resident and job candidate turned up scandalous information as well as unlikely photographs on  If you or anyone you know has been unfairly portrayed on, call a lawyer right away.

March 30, 2006
Bobby Pingeon buys a house in Amman, Jordan and will be leaving Paris soon.  Emmy to follow as soon as her custom-made Birka is finalized.

March 30, 2006
Christy Pennoyer survives a very serious car accident.  Her new Honda hybrid was totaled, but no one was hurt.

March 20, 2006
Thieves rob eight houses on Mishaum with lots of vandalism to boot.  The picture window at the Pennoyer's house
was smashed with a hammer and lots of damage was incurred inside.  Farther down the point, TV's were stolen and as well as continued vandalism.  Note: If you don't have a TV, no one will steal it.

March  2006
Scott Brunette has a baby girl, Caitlin Brunette

News Flash! Jordan construction site robbed!

March 10 2006
In what local police are calling one of the most brazen crimes of the winter season, local hoodlums broke the Mishaum gate on their way to stealing all sorts of tools and other goodies from the Jordan construction site this week.  The office trailers were broken in to and thousands of dollars worth of computers and proprietary house designs disappeared the night of the crime.

The Mishaum gate has now been vandalized three times in the last month.  Mishaum Point owners are very concerned with the number of migrate workers flooding on to the point to accommodate the massive Jordan construction project.  In effort to help control the fast spreading crime spree, Point South has armed all employees with semi-automatic weapons and night-vision goggles for after-hours patrol.

Rusty Shapleigh, a winter resident of the Point, says he is now constantly on the lookout for suspicious characters. "I think stopping this crime spree will take some real doing." said Shapleigh from the partially open window of his patrol Hummer.  Local Police have planned frequent night patrols and vow to catch those responsible.


Tommy and Tia Parker announce the birth of Lisa Parker-
Letitia Elizabeth Parker, "Lisa"

Lisa Parker

Mishaum is now closed for the summer, but stayed tuned for some very juicy gossip coming very soon to


August  2005
Tom French wins 2005 Road Runners Race. James L. Pingeon wins children's division.

August  2005

Russell Pennoyer sweeps Beetle Cat Races.

August  2005

The Commodore's Club welcomes John French, Tony Pennoyer, James Auchincloss and
Katie Ridder.

September  2005

Charlotte Price's website is up and ready for business. Click here to view.

July 2005

Mishaum goes to E Bar L.  Click here for ranch pictures and view the slide show.


July 2005

Elizabeth Graver (Pingeon)'s new book gets rave reviews!   Click here to buy it. (and by the

way, it's damn good)

July 2005

Beetle Cat racing starts Saturday August 6th. Starting gun fires at  10:00 AM

June 2005

Kate Greathead graduates from Wesleyan.

June 2005

Mishaumers sad to learn that Trimmingham's of Bermuda is going out of business after 163 years.


June 2005

After almost a year of unpaid phone bills, The Red House loses its number of 50 years. The new number is
508-997-1038.  The new owner of 508 996-1238 is getting sick of calls for Jimmy Pingeon.

June 2005

Bob Tabor returns from two months of Tsunami relief work in India.  Click here for incredible photos.


June 2005

Hannah Flint graduates from Northwestern.

June 2005

Gordon Pennoyer leaves politics to become a development officer at Millbrook School.


June 2005

Robbie Pennoyer graduates from Harvard.

June 2005

Polly Parker to marry Damon in Vermont this fall.


Tom French buys the Mason  house --feeding frenzy is over.  Details coming soon


Salvador's is sold to Len and Beth Gauvin. They will retain the Salvador's name. Menu to expand.


Sam Douglas has been accepted to Kenyon College


2004 Annual Mishaum Kennel Club Show.  Click here for results


August 2004

Mishaum wives furious at Kate Pingeon. Click here for details.

August 2004

2004 Beetle Cat season ends in a tie. Phil Douglas  wins final race.  Click here for details

Mishaum sues Martins over dog bites.   Click here for details.

Symposium on the role of in-laws in Mishaum to be held

August 14th. Click here for details.


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